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The growing world population and the steady expansion of the industrial sector make energy supply a global challenge

Rising energy consumption has long been seen as an indication of economic advancement and growing wealth. Decarbonization and energy saving are today’s trends for wealth and for a future worth living. One of the most effective solutions for green electric power generation reaches back to the early 20th century: In 1921 Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize for discovering the photoelectric effect – which eventually led to the invention of solar panels.

A hundred years later, solar energy together with other renewables has taken the center stage in the efforts against climate change. Renewables are on track to supply more power globally than coal by 2025. Without renewable energy, the world will not meet its CO2 emission targets.

Efficient and clean energy generation

Solar and wind energy have experienced tremendous growth in recent years and already reached cost parity with fossil fuels. The main sources to generate electricity from renewable energies today are photovoltaic and wind power.

In both types of power generation, the electricity generated has to be converted to be fed into the electrical grid. The nature of wind and sun brings certain challenges for which power semiconductors are the key: the rectification and conversion of direct solar power, irregular frequencies of wind, and the complexity of building and managing public power grids.

Number one semiconductor provider of renewable energies

With its power semiconductors for wind power and photovoltaic components, Infineon is the leading manufacturer for the most efficient and climate-friendly electric power generation for decades. In 2021 alone, Infineon components contributed to a newly installed clean energy generation of about 160 GW. Our technological innovations enable to reduce the system size, power losses, an increased lifetime of power products as well as highest reliability and performance.

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